Mother Culture

Here you will find things I am learning, reading or areas I am working on growing in.  Learning is for a lifetime. 


by Rick Hanson

I have really enjoyed reading this book.  It has provided me with new thought patterns.  If you know someone negative in your life or you are a natural negative (realist) type of thinker this is a great book to navigate interaction with such persons or how to change the rote negativity.


by Madeleine L'Engle

One of the most quoted books in my Commonplace notebook.  This book has been a great summer read.  I would recommend it for anyone.  Especially, if you are a writer, or enjoy writing.  It is inspirational, funny and interesting.  


by Nancy DeMoss

Highly recommend to purchase!
I started this book in January of 2018 as part of a bible study group.  DeMoss covers some very controversial topics, but has sound biblical perspective and sources.  It has made positive impacts specifically around how to interact with my husband and children.


by Ed Cyzewski

This book helped me intermingle faith and writing.  It helped me to understand how to grow my writing and encouraged me to identify with my audience.  It is a book that understands the pressures of today and importance prayer.  This would be a great Christmas gift for anyone you know that enjoys writing, even as a hobby.   


by Eric Brende

This was a fascinating book for me to read.  It took me a couple chapters to get into it, but once I did it went quickly.  What I loved about this book is that it did a great job in explaining the simple life.  We think we live simple by having less things, but if you have a refrigerator you can't say a word about simple living.  The last two chapters really give you something to consider when viewing your life with technology. 


by Kristen Schell

This book is a great how to and example of how to live out the gospel in motherhood.  It identifies easy ways to make your neighborhood your mission field.  It is a fun and easy read.  I hope this impacts you as it has done with me with reaching those around me.  

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