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Last week in the Friday Focus, there were two free downloads. If you did not get the Friday Focus in your email, click here, scroll down and subscribe. One of the free downloads was, The Simplicity Checklist . It is a basic list of items that need a "home" daily.

These are the typical items that you need as you are running out the door. These are the typical items that also hold you up when you can't find them. Everyone will have different solutions for each item and different "homes".

Today, I wanted to share where most of my checklist items go. This "home" has made my life so much easier. You don't need to buy or get something to make life easier, but I did want to share my solution to my "where is the ______?".

I needed a bag that was versatile for my many different hats; date nights, diaper bag, workout bag, hiking backpack and yet somehow still look stylish. I am not that type of person who matches the purse to the outfit. I just don't have time for that in my season of life right now. But I also was sick of carrying a diaper bag as my purse

The solution to my need for a bag and also a bag that can carry all my checklist items is the Sherpani Sojourn Tote. This bag from REI has exceed my expectations. I can carry it as a backpack for small hikes, shoulder bag for my grocery trips and wrist bag for casual dates. The bag is insulated so all my drinks stay cold. It has multiple compartments outside to hold my necessities of what I need quick (phone, sunglasses, keys). It also has a hook on the outside that I always hook my keys on. Even if I am going home for an hour, I hook my keys there...every single time. The inside also has a hook. This is where I put my wristlet. Sometimes I literally run in to pick up a prescription and don't need the entire bag. Not a problem, I unhook my wristlet and go. Here are a few ideas of how I utilize the bag:

This bag can carry my oversized water bottle and keep it cold for hours. Not to mention cheese sticks for snacks at the park. When I go backpacking I can pack our lunches and also extra clothes for my 2 year old and it still has room.

What I like about this bag is that it has a compartment for all my needs and I don't spend time searching when I am in a rush. I had to train myself for the first few weeks to clip everything and use the same pockets, but now it is a routine.

I purchased this bag from REI because of the year warranty. This bag actually has way more features than I utilize; waterproof, lock for traveling, RFID- I heard it is great for traveling to mention a few. I was not given or asked to share this product at all, and get no kick backs of any sort if you purchase it.

Again, let me say, this is not something you should buy in order to feel simplified. This is just an example of how you can simplify, by placing everything in one place every single time I know exactly where everything goes.

Do you have a basket at home that you could put your keys and wallet in to know where they are all the time? Could you declutter your current purse and use it to know where everything is all the time?

The options are unlimited, but the truth remains, choose a home for every item you use daily to ensure you always know where it is.

Have a blessed Monday!

Thanks for reading,


#MindfulMonday11 #Whereitallgoes #SherpaniSojournTote

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