School supplies part 1

With school on the horizon for many of us, I would like to feature school related tips/tricks/ideas for the month of August in the Mindful Monday blog. If you have any you would like to share, please email me at: I would love to feature other inspired school organization tips from a variety of homeschool families.

Today features a quick tip regarding excess school supplies.

My son sits at a desk for 75% of his school work. The assignments he completes at the desk require materials such as pencil, paper, glue, colored pencils, etc. I keep these items in the top desk drawer so he can access them easily. I only keep a few of the items in the desk space. For example, I keep two sharpened pencils, one pen, a handful of colored pencils, one eraser, one glue stick and one Post it tab set. However, I have more than two pencils in my home and loads more colored pencils. But the extras have a home.

When I purchase school supplies on sale, or have extra of something I put them in an easy to see and easy to reach container in our hall closet....a hanging "shoe" container. The clear slots allow the kids and I to see quickly where something goes and where something is located and what we may need more of. This closet and the top desk drawer are the only two places I keep office supplies. The paint supplies and larger items are located inside the closet in containers.

I think keeping out only the few essentials keeps my son on track. If we ever need more or run out, I know where all the extras are kept. When I see a pen or pencil laying out, I open this door and put it in the slot. Having a home for the even the smallest of items is essential to keep things orderly and decluttered. This clear "shoe" container was purchases at the Dollar Tree.

Have a tip or trick regarding school supplies or school organization? Please email: to be featured in a Mindful Monday post this month.

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a blessed Monday!

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