Habits with technology

For us, school is a few weeks away. For me, that means I need to start getting more focused, wrapping up projects, finishing the to do lists.

I also I need to start more habit training with myself.

One habit that I am working on this school year is utilizing less technology.

Sort of an ironic goal from a girl who just started a blog.

Technology has its place and I am so thankful for having it right now. I found Charlotte Mason through Facebook, I make money teaching kids online, I promote my blog on IG. Technology is fun, useful and helpful.

But, for me it has become a bit more consuming. My goal is to be more present with those around and mindful of the time I am spending or utilizing technology.

In order to accomplish my goal I have created a few tips & tricks and I hope by sharing them with you it will help spark a technology for you.

Many of you out there aren’t just homeschooling, you are running business, you are philanthropist and staying connected is important, I get it.

Sometimes setting parameters or rules isn't a bad thing either. Think about budgeting...sometimes people don't like budgeting because it has rules and regulations. But, once they do it they realize there is a freedom in it and the rules are actually freeing.

I am going to apply this same principle to technology for the upcoming school year.

Technology is useful for me personally and with my business. So, I have devised two plans.

This is a snapshot of my first set of rules for my business "Mindful Media Plan". Every morning I carved out time to make edits, write, or correspond with clients. Then, I set up a picture posting schedule and a timer on my phone to allow me to check email, IG, FB, etc. Friday is set for sending the newsletter and weekends are just for writing and preparing. My only social media time would be in the morning of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and each day for 15 minutes. Crafting this plan allows me to be on social media, but limits the use to five hours a week.

My personal plan also has an alarm and timer set on my phone to check personal social media accounts which is less than two hours a week. This time is also to check emails. I did limit this to 15 minutes and realize that some emails may require more time and attention, so this will be a good experiment to see if the time limit is helpful or adds pressure. Another component to using technology is the photo/video uploading. The Google Photos app is very useful. It automatically backs all photos when I click on the app an swipe down, then puts them in a deleted folder on my phone so all I need to do is click on Free up space and it will prompt me to delete the photos on my phone.

This app has been a time saver for me for saving photos and videos. The last part of the personal plan is spending time each week crafting my kids yearly books. Each year on their birthday they receive a book made on Snapfish of all the things we did. I try and highlight specific things about them to make it special. In the past years this ritual was saved for the week before their birthdays, so I hope to remedy that with this action plan.

Rules, boundaries, restrictions, whatever you want to call it; when in place help you become more mindful of what is happening in the moment. Could these plans change? ...Absolutely, but I won't know what I need to edit until I give this a try.

What are your technology habits? Do you want to change them? If technology isn't your vice right now, how could you utilize the "creating rules" idea to see a change in your life?

#MindfulMonday9 #habitsintechnology

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