Adding a few pops of color...

We have been in our house since the last week in January and up until last week I was still rearranging furniture. It takes so long to know a space and how you use it.

Getting settled in a place requires soooo many decisions. Then, after you decide you have to decide again if that is what you can or want to spend money on. Basically it is exhausting. So, this time around (since it is my 9th) we decided not to do everything at once (I guess we are finally learning). Part of the reasons we purchased this particular home is because it was updated and we didn't feel the pressure to paint, redo floors, etc.

We still needed to personalize it and give it our own touches. And we still have a long way to go. I have an entire list of each room and what I want to do in each area, but for now it seems to be at a good place. Most updates/changes are minor, but creating a list seems more doable and easy to complete.

Recently, I made two really simple and inexpensive updates to the home to add some color and personal touch. In each description, I provided links (if available) to what I used in case you were interested.

Our front door lacked some luster. In lieu of spending money on a new one that allows natural light, we opted to save the money for now and paint it to add some flair. See photos below to see the before and after. On the left is the front door before my pop of color. On the right is the current front door. The color is Georgian Blue from Sherwin Williams. The sample size was perfect to complete the door and only $6. On Facebook Marketplace I found two metal black chairs that are in great shape and it was only $10 for both. And then the final touch was adding an extra rug with a buffalo print from Amazon and the J letter which we were given as a gift a while ago. The total price to add a bit of pop to my front door was $34. In the fall I plan on adding a wreath, but for now it will do. It seems more welcoming than the plain white and we are utilizing the chairs daily when the kids are playing in the front yard! For only $34 and a couple hours of work, I think it was worth the trade off. What does your front door space look like? Could it use a pop of color or is it already welcoming?

The next update was adding window coverings to our front bay window. I have debated what to do with this for over 6 months. I didn't want curtains because it is a highly trafficked area and I knew the kids would pull them out of the wall. Then, during the winter it really wasn't an issue because of the direction the sun set. We live in a cul-de-sac so people really couldn't see in and we don't go in that room in the evening. But, when late spring and summer came I was backed into a corner. The sun set right in the middle and the room began to get so hot. On scorching hot days, the AC was running on high because of the heat. The decision had to be made. We initially made an appointment with a window covering specialist because there was no lip or inset to put curtains, we were concerned about how to hang things. I was dreading the cost, but knew it had to be done. After researching for days, I found some bamboo curtains on Amazon and decided to give them a try before the specialist came. And they worked out! They were very easy to assemble and insert on the top of the window into the wood. The shades are also cordless and easy to pull down and push up when needed. I love the window and it allows the room to remain cool while still being able to see out to watch the kids and allow a little light. This easy upgrade was only $244 in total, which I think is a decent price for 4 windows.

It feels good to have added some personal touches to our home. We are researching and getting ideas on how to make a window that is located in the school room made into a door. I will update you if and when we decide to make those changes.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on adding some pops of color. Hopefully, it inspired you to make some personal changes to your home. Remember, you don't have to spend a ton of money to make changes and small changes really make big impressions.

Happy Monday!


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