Hurry up....we are late!

I've been home for about a month now. We never made it to the first baseball practice of the year, along with the million other things that were scheduled for life. Such as my birthday, swim practice, swim team, church, conferences, the list goes on. This week I finally realized, maybe I should start wearing my watch know so when this is all over it won't feel so awkward on my wrist and I don't forget how to tell time.

Even though there are still many moments in the day that I think my kids are obnoxiously annoying and I plot my next alone time by just driving in the car for 10 mins...things are going well. There is a great ebb and flow to our day that is just there. I don't have every hour of every afternoon blocked.

I am weirdly ok with not hustling my kids along for appointments here, practices there and then I noticed I haven't said these famous words in a month:

"Hurry up, we are running late!".

Ok seriously, I think when you say that to kids it doesn't work anyways because they seem to do the exact opposite because that is the point right...they are just kids. They don't get the idea or the concept of this thing called a timeframe or a deadline.

While I get the heaviness of our situation (and trust me I do, my husband is seeing it daily as a physician) I can't help to wonder if this pause in life is the breathe my family needed.

Maybe if I started to look at the quarantine life as a clean slate rather than a consequence it would help me to decide what I wanted to add back into our lives.

One of the first steps I suggest to clients when we start to declutter or rearrange a room is to empty the space. When you have a blank canvas you can see what is important to bring in your room. Whether you add items for beauty or necessity; you won't know until you start fresh.

I know that I never want to rush my kids childhood anymore. But I also know I want to balance nothing with new discoveries and community and activities.

So right now, this week I am asking myself the question...what do I want to add back?

Do you feel this tug at all? What activities are you considering eliminating or changing in the future?

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