Five of my favorite things...

Here are a few great items that have helped me kick off this school year successfully. None of these are paid affiliates or links that give me any kickback.

Land's End Jeans

50% off until Sept 3, 2019 with code: SWING

Land's End has great pants, especially for boys because of the Iron Knee reinforcements. Iron Knee guarantee allows you to return up to a year for a new pair of jeans if they get a hole in the knee. They also offer flannel lined jeans great for cold days. Price ranges from $17-$22. I usually purchase 2 jeans, a pair of sweats and one pair of khaki pants for the boys each season (if needed). With the Iron Knee I can easily pass them down to the next boy so sometimes I don't even have to buy them for all the boys.

Juniper Grove

These journals help keep me sane. I use the grid journal to plan our semesters and as a daily checklist. They also have a great weekly list to keep me focused and CM specific notebooks for those homeschooling.

Walmart Grocery Pick up

The worlds best pencils...seriously!

I buy a new box of these every year. They are the best pencils! My boys are rough and hard on pencils and they love using these to draw and write. They are easy to sharpen and don't lose the lead easily.

BEST under eye creamClick here for the link through Amazon.

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