Soaking up the last bit of summer

Life has swirled by this summer since we left Michigan on Memorial weekend and landed in Chicago. We have had some wonderful celebrations these past three months with a graduations, birthdays and exploring a new city.

We have also had some struggles this summer with saying good-bye unexpectedly to my dear grandmother, transitioning to a new work schedule for my husband and dealing with some car issues. We started school six weeks ago in order to prepare for the arrival of our new fall bundle arriving early October. We have never taken an extended autumn break and I am very much looking forward to enjoying crisp fall excursions. Other than a few boxes in the basement we are moved in. The bulk of unopened items are books for a library that can seem to wait until we know 1000% if we are moving to another home or staying in the current one.

And now, I breathe. It seems as if since May I have been holding my breath and just hanging on until the next visit, next travel destination, or the next new decision to make. I have had to make space with time and attention and took a break from Mindful Miss Mason. My Facebook has been deactivated and my Instagram posts have dwindled. And now, I am yearning to get back to writing, sharing and helping anyone looking to get organized and declutter.

This summer has taught me so much about taking in every moment, pressing into the season God has granted me and highlighting our family priorities. What has summer looked like for you?

As we take a slight turn into fall my goal is to write more blogs to share my life experience in decluttering and organizing a family of six. I also hope to help more of you in your need for assistance with spaces in your home and to ensure you take advantage I am offering FREE phone consultations.

Thank you for staying connected to Mindful Miss Mason via the newsletter. I hope this quick updated has inspired you to soak up the last few weeks of summer with your loved ones and excited about fall and all it has to bring for you and your family.


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