Reset with a purse clean out

Last week, I have the privledge of speaking at a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. A third of the way into the presentation I asked everyone to be brave and vulnerable and empty their purses right there on the table for everyone to see. To my surprise, the moms were all in and began going through their purses.

We took five minutes to dump whatever you had with you: a diaper bag, a wristlet, a purse, anything that carried your keys, cards and lipstick and organize. I put grocery bags on the tables for trash and recycled good. The moms had fun unleashing their purses on the table.

One table found a half eaten apple with little two year old bite marks all around it. One table had two full bags of trash. I heard many giggles as I walked by and visited each table. It was a fun activity and everyone was smiling because they felt lighter. I think it helped moms to realize we are all in this together. We all have or have had half eaten apples or worse in our is called life as a mom.

The audience got rid of the trash, organized the pens, threw out the old receipts they didn't need anymore....they reset their mobile command center and it was freeing.

How is your daily "carry on" fairing these days?

Do you have a system set up to clean it out regularly?

Take the time this week to dump it while the kids are asleep or playing outside. The key is to do it alone because chances are you will have a few things that belong in the trash and they may be broken toys, old art work or even half eaten suckers. And somehow kids think they can salvage anything...even half eaten things.

Then, put everything back in its home...the extra pens, tampons, lipsticks, you know all that stuff that falls to the bottom. Get a small zipper pouch for those items you need in the purse and send the extras to the trash or to a spot in your home. This exercise of cleaning out the purse/diaper bag will take you no longer than 15 minutes. But the peace and freedom you will feel the next time you grab your bag and head out the door is priceless.

Are you surprised about the amount of things found in your bag?

Maybe you need to make this a new habit?

Perhaps every Friday do a bag clean out or on the 16th of every month. Put a reminder in your phone until it becomes a habit. Slowly, as you begin to clean out your bag regularly you will start intuitively not putting that half eaten apple in it even in a pinch.

I carry a large backpack/purse which I use for my kids waters, snacks, activities on the road, you name it. But, I also have a small wristlet that I can grab and take with me if I don't need to bring the large bag. Having these two items together on the same hook is also helpful when I get pinched for time. I don't spend time looking for a bag to accommodate things, I know where it is.

Since starting the new practice of cleaning out my purse more it now is a natural habit that I do almost once a week and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Reset your mobile command center today, it will feel amazing and freeing the next time you head out the door.

Happy cleaning,

Mindful Miss Mason

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