Decluttering the master bedroom. Week 4 Let It Go Challenge

You are almost done with the Let It Go challenge! Hooray!

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Week 4: Master Bedroom

Truth: I have let my bedroom become my to do list. I have put things in there to get to later and never returned to take care of it. So, this week, I will actually be doing the challenge with you. I will be posting my before and after photos and perhaps do a live video or two. And I will be giving away two free sessions and a book! To be entered into the drawing for the free sessions: post a before and after photo and use the hashtag #mindfulmissmason.

Here is the plan of attack for the bedroom this week:

Day 22: your nightstand

Thoughts to consider: Your night stand is the first and last piece of furniture you see upon waking and closing your eyes at night. As you go to bed at night, do you see cluttered and overwhelming nightstand? When you wake up in the morning, are things falling off your nightstand as you grab your phone or glasses? I used to keep many books on my nightstand. It was basically my to-do list in objects. When I removed all the books and just kept what I was reading, it really helped to clear my mind. Fresh flowers, candle, books, pictures? What is the last thing that will make your mind smile before bed and make you smile when you wake up in the morning?

Day 23: dresser:

Pull everything out....everything that is yours. Holes, stains, never worn in 6 months...they all go to the donate or recycle pile. Need some new socks? Write it on the list, don't keep them because you don't have any...then they will never get replaced. Trust me...I've done this. Once you have all the things you love and wear follow this Kon Mari video to help with folding and making the drawers look clean and organized.

Day 24 & 25: closet

Pull everything out....everything that is yours. Holes, stains, never worn in 6 months...they all go to the donate or recycle pile. If you are limited on space, you can put your summer clothes in any of these bins. I like them because they are clear and fit under the bed. Personally, I don't put my summer clothes in there, but it is just because I don't have that many clothes so all my seasons stay out.

Next, download the app Cladwell App on your phone. This app allows you to create a library for your clothes. If you need to add a few sweaters into the app from the dresser you can do that as well. The Cladwell App syncs with the weather and creates outfits with what you have. Then, it identifies if you need some key items that would help with your wardrobe. You can log your outfits as well so you won't wear the same thing every week. This app is amazing and FREE! I choose MINIMAL when it gave me the option of what closet I want and you should too.

When you put items back in your closet make sure you turn the hangers inside the closet. It will almost look like nothing is on the hook and it will be a pain to grab something for the next few weeks, but worth it. When you put clothes back after laundry place them on the hanger regularly. Then, in about 3 weeks you can see what clothes you wear and what you don't. Then consider if those other clothes need to stay.

Day 26: linens

Today is a light day compared to the last few days. If you need to wrap up the closet take the time today and tomorrow to do that as well. We keep 3 sets of bedroom sheets for our bed. One set is heavier for the cold winter months, then the other 2 sets rotate through every couple weeks. I keep all the master bedroom linens under my bed in a container like this to make it easy and convenient when changing sheets. The actual hall linen closet holds activities for my kids like paint, play doh, puzzels, etc. I should note I have a set of "play sheets" that my kids use to build forts in the basement. But my sheets that I sleep on stay under my bed and are ready any time I may need to change them.

Thanks for participating in the Let It Go challenge! I can't wait to see photos, comments and ideas from you all on Instagram.

- Stacie

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