Decluttering the bathroom. Week 3 Let It Go Challenge

You made it this far... Week 3 of the Let It Go challenge....the bathroom.

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Week 3: Bathroom

Here is the plan of attack for the bathroom this week:

Day 15: pills, prescriptions, OTC, liquid medicines

Thoughts to consider: What has expired? Why am I keeping this? What is this for? How often do I need this/use this? Group similar items together, for example: all kids medicines I put in their own area in a basket and all adult stomach medicines go into another area completely. Always remember, a pharmacy is just down the street (for most of us). If it has been a year since you used those Tums, but you like to keep them on hand just in case, toss them. I like to use the 20/20 rule by The Minimalists: If you can get the item in 20 minutes for less than $20 you may consider trashing it. This isn't for lets say contact solution. That is something you know you will use so you can keep. This rule is for things you are questioning. You can create any rule 20/$10 or 20/$5. Sometimes establishing a rule before going through a space like this helps to make the decision making process easier.

Day 16: bathroom linens

Are these (rugs, towels, hand towels, washcloths) still clean looking? How many towels/hand towels/ washcloths do I need for my family? How many towels/ hand towels/ washcloths do I need for guests? Are these good quality towels? Are these rugs in a nice spot? We keep 1 bath towel for each person in our family and 3 extra towels for visitors. We each also have 1 beach/pool towel and 2 extra beach towels for visitors.

Day 17: makeup & grooming supplies

How old are these items? How often do I use these? Can I replace these with more eco-friendly items? Should I replace these items? Put a reminder in your calendar to replace mascara in 3 months. That is the shortest time you should keep makeup and mascara is the one item that has the shortest shelf life. What other items look like they have been around too long and have bacteria growing? Be sure to only do your grooming supplies, leave kids and spouse things to allow them to do it themselves. You can encourage them to go through or you can ask if you can do it together, but you want to be the role model here not the one throwing their things away. Except toothbrushes. I have a reminder in my phone when to change them for everyone and they are on Amazon's subscribe and save so they come automatically when needed.

Day 18: cleaning supplies

Go through all the cleaning supplies and be sure to trash any old sponges, gloves, towels used for cleaning. I try to use a cleaning cloth for a few months and rewash it, but after about 3-6 months depending on how it looks I toss it for a new one. What supplies need to be replenished? What supplies are you keeping as just in case, but not using?

Day 19 & 20: catch up bathroom day: extra bathroom (s) AND take the boxes

Use day 19 to catch up in the bathroom or use this same process in another bathroom. Do you have a guest bath or do your kids have their own? Be sure to follow it step by step so you don't get overwhelmed. Use day 20 to take any boxes of trash, donations, etc. You should have any areas you were using for the challenge completely clean. Starting Monday should be a clean, fresh start. No bags or boxes to be taken should be left. I put these days together to allow for flexibility. If you don't have another bathroom then take all the boxes on day 19.

Thanks for participating in the Let It Go challenge! I can't wait to see photos, comments and ideas from you all on Instagram.

- Stacie

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