Decluttering the kids clothes. Week 2 Let It Go Challenge

Last week was a great start to the Let It Go October challenge. If you want to join to participate in the giveaways and see daily motivation follow the Instagram page @mindfulmissmason. You can also print the calendar to stay focused and know what is coming ahead. For the month of October I will be sending out the weekly newsletter on Monday. This will feature tips and tricks for each section we will be decluttering. Be sure to sign up to receive the weekly email. Forward this email to a friend that may be interested in participating in the Let It Go challenge!


Week 2: Kids clothings

If you are participating in the challenge and don't have children or already went through their clothes for the change in season, please still participate by doing the same process with your own clothing. The suggested numbers are what work for us, but it is just a suggestion.

Here are a few tips before starting the kid clothes:

You will need extra bins other than what is already labeled from the declutter categories print out.

When I start going through each category I always have an extra bin(s) for the sizes. For example, as I go through the 5 year olds pants, I will have a bin ready and labeled with the size of the first pair of pants that are too small for him. Lets say size 4 is too small for him. Now, the bin is labeled SIZE 4 pants. When my 2 year old needs clothes because he outgrew them, I can look in the SIZE 4 bin before purchasing items.

This can be organized in a million ways depending on the configuration of the children and gender, etc. You can make tailor this system to work based off your family size. Just be sure to label the bins, and keep it simple! Don't just throw all the "too small" clothes in one pile if you have multiple children. It will be double the work and you will end up too exhausted to finish the process. Label each pile of clothing by size (SIZE 4 shirts, SIZE 5 pants, etc.). This week it may look disorganized and all a mess due to each category each day and the variety of bins you can have. But remember by Saturday you will be completely done and ready for winter with everyone's sizes up to date.

Here is the plan of attack for the kids clothing this week:

Day 8: kids shoes

Thoughts to consider: Does each pair fit each person? Does each pair look presentable for the next couple weeks? As the season changes, what shoes would I possibly need--make a list only for this (day 11 goes into outdoor clothing)? What shoes could be donated? What shoes could go into a bin for the next person to use? How many pairs or choices do they need for winter?

Day 9: undergarments & socks

Are these still clean looking? Does these still fit? How many do they really need in the rotation? Are there any holes? Are there enough for winter?

Day 10: outfits

What we do: with the child I put together about 5 outfits for the weather right now. Then, we do about 5 more outfits with different weather (colder, rainy, etc.). Sometimes we reuse pants for the second set of outfits. For example, dark color jeans with long sleeved shirt then dark color jeans with a sweater. I usually like to have about 10 outfits ready and matching. If there are things that I don't like or they don't wear we talk about it and decide if it should stay or go. This process may look different depending on the age of child. I have 3 boys so I can't make personal suggestions regarding dresses, leggings, etc. But, if I were to advise a client I would suggest 3-5 pairs of leggings and 5-7 dresses (unless they only wore those and never wore pants) would be a good rotation. Another option here if you have more clothes and want them to wear more you can put outfits together and put them in a bin and halfway through the season just switch out the clothes. I find that keeping the options of clothing minimal in my kids closet helps to keep their getting ready time easier. If you don't get through today it is ok you have a make up day Saturday. The goal should be to at least finish one child today so their wardrobe is set and you know how the process goes so for the next it will be familiar.

Day 11: outdoor clothing

For outdoor clothing, especially snow gear, we keep one bin with boots, snow pants, etc. Then, as the weather changes, we line up the kids and gear them up to see what fits and what is needed. We keep a double set of gloves (one waterproof, the other just warm) and a double set of hats. All the sizes that are too small that will not get used by another sibling get donated. Be sure to keep a list of what is needed as you find gaps in gear during the session.

Day 12: pj's and misc.

I don't know why, but we always seems to have so many pajamas. I like to keep 4 maximum for options because I think more it too much. Other clothing to consider here are: swimsuits, base layer to go under snow bibs, baseball hats, tights, belts, fancy clothes (ties, vests, special dresses).

Day 13: catch up day

Take time today to finish up any section you did not complete earlier in the week. Make notes if there are any items that need to be replaced. Remember that minimalism isn't about deprivation. Minimalism to me, is about using what I have and not have an excess to feel comfortable or feel like I need options.

Remember to give your kids grace if they want to keep things you may not want them to and always give options.

Thanks for participating in the Let It Go challenge! I can't wait to see photos, comments and ideas from you all on Instagram.

- Stacie

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