Self care part 3

Today, we come to the end of the September self care posts on Mindful Monday. The first week covered my two non-negotiable items, the second week covered how I expand my personal growth and this week we cover the hardest self care secret for some of

I am a person that loves goals, loves a challenge, loves full weeks, a packed agenda, staying on the go and go. Going gives me a sense of purpose....until I hit a wall and then I am just one exhausted momma.

The hardest part about embracing minimalism wasn't getting rid of the stuff. To me, the hardest part about clearing out the clutter and not having a full plate. This is something I still wrestle with today. Before taking on a new thing, I have to ask myself is this something that will add value to my life or is this something I am just trying to fill the white space with?

Taking an afternoon to just sit in the backyard is hard for me, but recently I found I need to do this more. My body is physically fighting. I was sick for about two weeks, exhausted, couldn't open my eyes at times. My body was saying stop, slow down.

We have always observed the Sabbath in our home by attending church, eating a family lunch and naps for everyone. Now, I add to that list for the Sabbath...staying off social media and not planning any events. Sundays are meandering day and I try hard to keep that tradition strong, not just for me, but also for my children.

A few other "slow" routines that we have adopted is Friday night pizza. Usually, my husband grabs pizza on his way home from work on Friday night and after dinner we choose a family movie to watch together. I know as my children get older this will be harder to enforce, but for now it works for us and I really look forward to it every week.

On most Saturday mornings, my husband (if he isn't working) does a slow breakfast with the kids and they watch old school Saturday morning cartoons (Looney Toon editions without words mostly).

This year, we have also limited extra curricular activities to a music lesson and karate classes. Last year, we have four different activities we were part of and it took a toll on us all. In addition to cutting down our weekly activities, I also do a month at a glance to review how many times we may be out of town or have "field trips" or extra special hikes. If I notice we have too many larger trips or activities planned in a month, I make the executive decision to cut one of them.

I used to associate rest with laziness or unmotivation, but I think it is all a balance. We are still "busy" in our own way, learning slowly, loving each other. Some guidelines I try to consider are not feeding my kids dinner in the car, having only one activity a day, having at least one day a week that we don't leave the house.

Every family is different, but I know from my burnout history the mother sets the tone of the busy, hurriedness of the home. Review your schedule for the week and month and make some life edits today. Observe that having some time open doesn't mean means everything to your children.

Many blessings,

Mindful Miss Mason

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