Self care part 2

September is devoted to easy and simple self care ideas. Last week, I shared my top two non-negotiable self care tools; consistently reading Gods word and moving my body. For suggestions and more details check out the post here.

My next favorite self care tip is one I have been practicing since high school. In high school, I would spend weeks with my great aunt and my grandmother; one a librarian and the other a teacher. Reading and having a book or two within arms reach is a way of life in my family.

As a mother, it is easy to read books about parenting and even more so as a homeschool mother, it is easy to get caught up in reading about homeschooling. While these books are important and necessary, having a book about a topic that fascinates you or a good fiction to get lost in is vital to self care.

My most recent book that I finished is "Pray, Write, Grow" by Ed

Cyzewski. If you are a blogger, or know someone that writes, this is the book for them! It was thought provoking and self reflective while inspiring.

------------------------------------------Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

"The constant motion of life had fostered an anxiety breeding ground where I was running from one thing to another, constantly worrying about every little detail and never fully resolving anything because there was something else to worry about even more."

"Sometimes we have to give up on the good in order to reach the best."

"The noise and pace of modern life can fast become ways to medicate ourselves from out past or present pain."


This book identified the need to connect to an audience of One first and then how to express that process through writing, which can be transformative. If you are a is a MUST read.

The quotes above and many others made it into my Commonplace journal for future reference. A journal is a nice way to keep your ideas together in one place. I often read a sentence I want to quote later or have an idea come to mind when reading and write it down. If I don't have my journal near me, I will take a photo with my phone and then when I get to my journal I can review the photo to help me remember what note to jot down. My favorite commonplace journal is Juniper Grove, but you can use anything...even a spiral bound notebook will do.

This week, make a list of books for you have wanted to read (my list may be pages long, I have so many). Pick two, go onto your library's web site and request the book on hold. Pick up you book when notified it is ready and spend 10 minutes a day reading. That is all it takes 10 minutes to get lost in a good fiction or reveal something new to yourself.

Happy reading,

Mindful Miss Mason

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