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The month of June has been dedicated to tips and tricks for dealing with physical mail. If you missed those, check out the blog and see how to combat snail mail. Today, I wanted to share with you something I use to help with email.

The service that I sign up for to help keep and manage my email subscriptions is Unroll Me. This website allows me to put emails together in a roll up. For example, I put subscriptions to Etsy and updates from Caring Bridge together. I get one email from Unroll Me with a snapshot of updates from various sources and if I want to see more I can click on the pictures of the email and read the details. The Unroll Me allows me to collapse the emails into one so I don't get ten new emails in one day from Etsy. The other benefit of Unroll Me is that it will find random email subscriptions I signed up for years ago and allow me to unsubscribe to them.

The Unroll Me service is FREE and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Another tool I utilize is the gmail tabs. You can create tabs and rules for certain emails to go into tabs without them being seen in your "inbox". It will still show up in your inbox but not annoyingly be there yelling. I use this for ALL the shopping emails. I would be tempted everyday to click on the 25% off coupon and waste time suckered into online shopping. So, I just avoid it altogether and create a tab for it. That way, when I am in need of socks from REI, I can go to my promotions tab and search to see if they have a recent coupon code or sale.

Email is real....real excessive at times. Remember to continue to stay subscribed to only accounts that bring value to your life. I hope this email is one of those that helps you with tips and tricks for being more mindful in everyday life. Email is a tool to stay connected, but each person has a different way of utilizing this tool. Be sure to create a system that allows you to feel that email is a tool rather than bogging you down.

Happy Monday!

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