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The last three weeks have been dedicated to mail. We have covered how to manage mail with Informed Delivery, organize mail with a system, and learned why Subscribe & Save mail keeps you sane by helping you fulfill items you need in the home.

Today, I am going to suggest you add to someones mail monster. That's right...I am telling you to write a note and send it this week!

Why send mail?

Sending mail adds to your home clutter rather than take things out...

Sending mail adds time to your already busy schedule...

Sending mail costs a few dollars....

So why send mail....

When we are considering adding things to something that perpetuates litter/clutter/etc. we have to do a cost analysis.

To me the benefits of sending mail is more significant than the costs.

The benefit of knowing I am making someones day when they open a handwritten card outweighs the costs I incur having these items.

The key to keeping the "costs" down so they don't start to take away from the benefits is to keep things easy so that you do send cards frequently.

In my most recent in home consultation, we purged a paper pile that filled an entire large garbage recycle bin.

In the midst of the papers were several unused blank notecards. We collected all these notecards and made a mobile stationary basket. Then, added a few favorite pens, a book of stamps and return address labels all found in the mound we decluttered. The picture below is what we created in the home consultation.

A space dedicated to mail with all of it necessities will make writing notes easier so you don't have to go all around the house finding bit and pieces to get it in the mail. All you need to do is go grab the stationary basket and everything you have is right there.

The question now remains....if you are the receiver of the card what do you do with it?

Many of the cards I receive I leave out for display during the duration of the holiday. For birthday cards and thank you cards for a week and then recycle them and Christmas cards I keep up until after the New Year. For just thinking of you or thank you cards, they usually stay up for a week. Some people may argue why keep them even for a week. Read them and trash them. It is important for me to show my kids that other people do this as well, so I want them to see the card and be reminded of it for a few days before tossing it. Every now and then a thank you card will go directly in recycle, but usually I like to share it with the family as a reminder that people are grateful and we should be as well.

The idea that someone took time out of their busy day to thank me or encourage me is well worth keeping these items in my home for a designated time.

Sometimes when I am thinking about a person and how they have blessed me and my family, I will grab the stationary box and write a thank you for being you letter. If I didn't have a station set up with all the items, it would discourage me to take multiple steps to write something and I would grab my phone and text it. Texting isn't bad and sometimes more appropriate depending on the situation. I know joy I get when I receive a handwritten letter and I hope to pass that same feeling to others.

I hope this post inspires you to create a station for writing notes. Happy note writing!

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