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The past two Mindful Monday posts have been regarding mail that... has to be dealt with at some point. The mail I am referencing are the bills, insurance paperwork, bank statements, you know the boring adult stuff. You can read about signing up for Informed Delivery , which helps in previewing your mail prior to deliver or suggestions about a variety of mail organizing .

There are two types of mail I love to receive; personal letters and my monthly Amazon box.

I enjoy writing letters to others because I know the feeling when you get a piece of mail. It isn't the card itself. It is the thought that someone was thinking of me to get a card, took the time to write and spend the money to send it. I try to write a few cards a month to friends and family.

When I went from two to three children, I quickly realized I needed to streamline things. I try to limit my brain power to save it for learning more and loving more. When I think about organizing or rearranging furniture, I always think what is the best way to use the least amount of brain power.

This is why I started purchasing items through Amazon Subscribe and Save. At first I was hesitant because I was under the impression it would cost more than in store. But after researching and price checking it was about the same and sometimes cheaper.

I don't have to think about running out to the store last minute, or adding toilet paper to the grocery list or ask was the last time my kids changed their toothbrushes.

All I do is set the subscribe month for each item accordingly and they arrive at my door. I can always edit or change the order 10 days before it is sent.

Here is a list of a few items I purchase on Subscribe and Save:

  • dish soap (every 6 months 6 arrive-- buying in bulk is cheaper for this item)

  • the kids toothbrushes auto arrive every 3 months

  • shampoo (every 2 months)

  • body wash (every 2 months)

  • lotion (every 2 months)

  • contact solution (this is every 3 months)

  • toilet paper (every 3 months)

  • vitamins (monthly)

  • Drip Drop (monthly the best rehydration tool)

  • hubby's hair gel (every 3 months comes in a pack of 3)

  • diapers (monthly)

Some months the final bill is a few dollars more than if I went in store to purchase, but when I go to the store typically I purchase something not on my list. So, in the long run for our family this is cheaper. You can also cancel and edit 10 days before the order is filled. I put a calendar reminder on the 10th of every month to review Amazon order. Then on the 20th the order is created and arrives by the 22nd.

Would having a consistent Amazon Subscribe and Save order alleviate some real estate in your brain? It takes less than thirty minutes to create more space in your month by having a monthly subscription of items needed in your home.

Have a blessed Monday ya'll!

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