Thought breeds thought

I hesitated to start this site literally for months. Something would happen and I would want to write about it, then I would see something on social media and think, no need to write someone else already has something on that idea. Fear overcame me and doubt conquered. By March there was no way I was going to put

any effort into any type of blogging, services, etc.

I don't have any special certificates (yet, but am working on that), I don't know that much about Charlotte Mason (I keep studying her & her work), I don't know that much about decluttering, my spelling and grammar could use some work, and really I could go on with a list of reasons why I didn't start.

These lines continued to run through my head.

Then, in May I was listening to the podcast Better Than Happy and Jody Moore inspired me to take a leap of faith and just do it. Her ideas were along the lines of: No, you aren't going to get it perfect. No, not everyone is going to like you. And yes, you will get it wrong, but


Then, I started changing my thinking.

What would the world be like if....every photographer, artist, writer, speaker, fill in the blank; said, well, there are a lot of others out there so no need for me to try. The world would be so BORING.

Not everyone is going to like or agree with me...and guess what that is ok.

Not everyone is going to share my posts or site ...and guess what that is ok.

What isn't ok are the feelings of I should have, what if, If only.

So, here I am in this little space on the internet.

I don't have life figured out, I don't know everything about minimalism and decluttering, I have a lot to learn about Charlotte Mason about parenting and just about everything.

What I do have is 100% to give to all of you reading, scheduling consultations and following me here.

Why do I make time for this?

I do this to inspire you to create a space that gives you peace. I do this to motivate you to learn more about how Charlotte Mason is in every weave of our lives. I do this as my small gift to the world in hopes a positive idea or thought will trickle down and continue to overflow in the lives of your children. This is my why.

What are you not starting because of fear? It can be crippling, I know if we let our mind take hold of the self-doubt. Charlotte Mason did say," Thought breeds thought.." Start changing the conversation in your head with healthy thoughts.

Begin that fearful thing today and jump in.

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