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We recently had to submit a change of address with the Post Office due to our move. I choose to not go to the post office with three young boys....EVER really, true story. First, there is ALWAYS a line, ALWAYS. Second, there is a family owned mail store across the street and they are so friendly and even tape my packages for me and help me balance things as they are falling out of my hands (another really true story).

With the technology of today, I was able to submit the change of address form online...even better. When I went to sign up and change the address I was prompted to sign up for something called Informed Delivery. Intrigued about this I opted to sign in and see what it was all about.

Informed Delivery....ROCKS! Every morning I receive an email from the USPS with a scanned image of all the items I am getting in the mail that day. It is great to know ahead of time if there is something I need to grab quickly or if it is just junk mail. It also allows me to see inbound packages.

But as with any technology there can be positives and negatives. Earlier this week I saw a scanned copy of an envelope from the IRS. We were on our way to go hike and fish. I thought about how or why the IRS would be sending me a letter. I was confident in our CPA and I would just hand it over to him...etc. These thoughts passed through my mind ever so often during the hike.

When I returned home I went immediately inside and opened up the IRS mail. It was simply telling me it share information with student loan companies regarding our income based repayments. Pheww, what a relief.

Who could informed mail benefit? If you travel frequently, if you have a second home, or if you just want to stay "informed".

I think it has helps to streamline the mail process and know ahead of time what is junk and what I may need too keep for my for now I will keep this in my toolbox and utilize it. I will also be mindful to not allow my mind to over analyze what an envelope may be containing before I can open it.

To sign up check out: Informed Delivery with the USPS.

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