Free decluttering download & giveaway

Visit the  RESOURCES page to download this free decluttering tool. It includes 5 pages to categorize you items.

Here’s how it works in 10 easy steps:

Choose a spot or room that gives you the most anxiety/stress.

Take a before picture. 

Lay out each page of the download nearby your working area.

Grab some trash bags or boxes to corral items. 

Take an item from your space and put it in one of the categories. 

Set timer for 30 minutes and don’t stop until it goes off.

Take a break after 30 minutes & either reset it for another time or you’re done.

Then, go to each category and put the items where they go (take out the trash/make a home for them, etc.).

Take an after picture.

Tag me @mindfulmissmason to show your before/after picture and you’ll be entered in a video consult giveaway. 

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