Charlotte Mason gives us guidelines with giving our children short lessons so that their mind can absorb and so they can be at full attention for the particular subject. This concept of a time table is something that has helped me in cultivating a clutter free space. In volume 5, on page 29 Mason says, "Attention is no more than this--the power of giving your mind to what you are about."

It had been one of those long days, the one when my husband didn't come home until after dinner, the kids had been energetic all day and we just did baths after dinner with books...I was exhausted. I didn't even ask them to help with clearing the mess in the kitchen. After I gave my last kiss I walked into the kitchen and stood there frozen. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and pretend the mess would gone in the morning.

But then, I started to think of how I would feel in the morning when I saw the pile and knew the day would not start off promising.

To use my mind power and attention I decided to time myself while I did the dishes, cleared the table and swept the floor. I didn't move at a rapid pace or try to "beat the clock", I just moved about as normal. When I was done, I stopped the clock and it read 15:00. That was it...a whole 15 minutes to clean the kitchen post dinner.

Now, when I give my last munchkin a good night kiss and it has been a long day I know I only need to push through for 15 minutes to clear the kitchen.

How can you implement this system in your household chores? Maybe you dread cleaning the bathroom each week, but know it has to get done...just time yourself and the following week you know it may only take 10 minutes to see your shiny counters.

The other way to use this tool is to give yourself a short lesson and set the timer for 15 minutes and work only for that time it is set.

How can you utilize a timer to bring attention to providing a clutter free area in your home?

#attention #minimalism #timer #chores #mindfulness

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