The spontaneous move

Could you sell your house in a week? My husband nonchalantly mentioned that he was curious about how much we could sell our house for on Wednesday. By the next Saturday we signed a contract. Psst....I am not going to be sharing the tips and tricks about how to sell home. The answer lies in minimalism.

After I emailed the realtor she came over and suggested to paint a few walls and when I asked what I should remove or clean up she laughed and said, "Nothing, this house is going to sell in less than 24 hours." She was right. I picked up a few kids toys and painted the back entry and some kid fingerprints on walls. We were able to keep our normal routine and all of the items we used daily and that brought value to our lives while we sold our home. The ease of this situation is due to the fact that my family and I have decided to really take a stock in what we have in our home.

Two years ago, we decided to start purging, only bring in items that bring us value and become more mindful of what we were passively allowing to reach us.

Does this mean we have completely blank walls? Does this mean my kids don't have toys? Does this mean my house feels cold?

Absolutely not.

We still have days that we clean out closets and days that we reorganize our things. We still have toys and books....lots of books.

Most of the items we have in our home bring us value. I say most because when my actual move date comes and I start to pack my boxes, I know that I will be able to purge more items.

It took me two years to own the word minimalist as a description of myself. Changing the way you interact with your home and things we buy is simply forming a new habit.

In volume 1, Home Education, on page 135, Charlotte Mason said, "It is pleasant to know that, even in mature life, it is possible by a little persistent effort to acquire a desirable habit."

If someone came to you today and offered to buy your house would you hesitate because of the overwhelming feeling of stuff you have in your home? If you answered yes, don't despair you get to the feeling of freedom from things one step at a time.

In addition to services offered here, I will be providing Wednesday Wisdom blog post with small baby step suggestions to get you to your goal of freedom with your home.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog and check back to the move in action!

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