School supplies

Being new to Charlotte Mason, I found this book suggested to me as I filled my Amazon cart with necessary homeschool items last year.  It was only $6 so I thought I would give it a try.  My 7 year old loves this book.  It has a space on each page to write the description of where you saw the bird.  We have only completed 7 of the stickers, but when we are out on walks he will say I saw the Kingfisher, I want to add it to my bird book.  I would recommend this book for 6 years old and older.  You could also get one for yourself.  It is a great way to learn and be mindful of the birds and their characteristics.

This handbook is the perfect size and weight to carry along with you for nature walks.  My 2 year old even enjoys painting in his.  The paper is a good weight and the color of the paper is nice for painting in the sun. We all got a square size one and filled it up in one school year.  We have different journals for drawing during the school day.  Recommended for any age that likes to paint/draw.



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