A few of my favorite things...

Treat Yourself

Not sure where to start or need a checklist to help get organized?  Check out the free printable download page for options. 

I enjoy trying new products and love when I find one that works for my family.  Here are a few of my favorite home goods.  

White Earphones

My top 7 podcast listed here.  Click on the link and download the list. I enjoy listening to podcast when I run, fold laundry and even sometimes in the morning I can fit one in before the kids wake up.  

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Are you looking for a fun way to earn extra money?  I have been with VIPKD for two years and it has been such a blessing in my families life.  The flexible schedule, over $20/hr pay, bonuses and ease of work have allowed me to help my family financial when we needed it. The link  will take you straight to the VIPKID sign up to learn more about this opportunity.  Minimum requirements are a bachelor's degree, some teaching experience and availability. 

Ever want ask someone to hit up all the book sales and bring you back good finds?  Luckily, I have that...her name is Kara and she has an Etsy shop where she lists her latest finds.  She has a depth of knowledge when it comes to literature and a great eye for beauty.

I love sending mail to people.  I would buy bulk thank you card notes, but never really fell in love with any.  Then enters a lady with the hand of an angel....well not the hand itself, but the things it can create and write are amazing.  Now, I get handmade thank you cards and basically anything that needs writing or a picture.  The Imperfectionary  designed my business cards, logo and gift certificates.

After teaching for almost 8 years, I have compiled a list of my favorite items to use.  Feel free to use this list for your own school supplies.  

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