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Here are a few of my favorite cleaning items, cosmetics, self care, all things for the home.  


Recently, we have decided to take more action with not using plastic.  Toothbrushes we change every 3-4 months and they were plastic.  So, we found these great FETE Bamboo toothbrushes on Amazon.  What I love about these is: every kid gets their own color and you can add them to subscribe and save through Amazon.  Win, win for the Earth and Mom!


We love the Puracy brand.  They are made in Austin, TX with all natural ingredients, they care about recycling products and giving the best to our kids!  We fill a glass soap container from IKEA with this hand soap in every bathroom. Buying a large bag like this also helps keep down trash and excessive waste. The Lavender & Vanilla is our favorite on Subscribe and Save.    


We wash our dishes by hand.  Even though we have a dishwasher, we choose to wash and reuse the same dishes so that we don't have too many in our cabinets.  This has been the best dish soap for us.  Since we use it more than 3 times a day, it really stood the test.  We use Subscribe and Save and order in bulk to reduce the price per bottle.  


I have tried them all. All the "natural" deodorants.  Some left me irritated, some didn't help with smell at all.  Then, someone recommended this local deodorant.  All I have to say is, NEVER going back to anything else.  This is the best stuff! They even have a sensitive option.  Even if you don't live around Detroit, they ship!  


I tried not using dryer sheets, but my husband requested them to be used.  So, I made my own dryer "balls" with oils, yarn, etc.  Then, they became weapons around the house (3 boys under 7).  I had to put an end to that.  This is the compromise of using dryer sheets.  They are biodegradable, great smells, chemical free for kiddos.  Give them a try if you are looking for a healthier solution to typical dyer sheets.


Our family loves Shea Moisturizer products.  I recently tried this face lotion and fell in love with it.  It wasn't too heavy or oily.  Shea Moisture has ethical standards and is a family owned company. 




Here are a few products we enjoy:

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