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Stuck or overwhelmed by how to start decluttering a room or area.  Simply download and print off

this FREE printable.  Then, go to the room and pick up an item.  Every object you pick up must go into one of the five categories.  This method of decluttering is a merging of various inspired minimalists and my own experience.  Now, download and go declutter.

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Free Decluttering Download 

Try this FREE 30 days to a clean kitchen download for a simply and easy method to declutter your kitchen.  Each day is broken down by category.  Some days you may not feel like you are doing much and other days you will empty an entire cabinet.  The guide will help relieve the overwhelming feeling of taking over your kitchen. 

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30 days to a clean kitchen 

Sometimes just getting out the door can be a struggle.  When items are put back in the same "home" every time, it creates a habit.  This habit helps to simplify the getting out of the house process.  Use this FREE SIMPLICITY checklist to help find a home for the most important items.  

Having school items close when you need them helps keep the rhythm of the lesson.  You don't need multiple of one item close by.  I keep one or two of something within arms length and then put the extras in the closet.  It helps to keep me and my son on task.  Here is a Homeschool Checklist of items I like to have nearby.   


Sometimes it is hard to be mindful of opportunities to serve as a family.  This free download provides a monthly list of one serving opportunity each month for a year.  Follow on Instagram or Facebook for monthly tips and tricks about implementation of each serving opportunity.  I can't wait to hear about your stories about serving.  

A year of mindful serving 

Happy New Year! I love seeing everyone’s